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Footprint the Legal, Finacial and Family Mediation experts here to help you.
We are a team of dedicated Child Maintenance Lawyers, Finacial Experts and Family Mediators who are here to help you get the best family based agreement. Read our Testimonials.
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Existing CSA client received notification they are closing your case?
Received your case closure notification, you have two simple options.  Pay £20.00 and reapply to use the CMS along with other surcharges or use Footprint to arrange a private agreement for you.
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Just separated, need help and advice to make a family-based agreement?
If you have just separated and are feeling vulnerable, emotional and confused about what to do and how to do it.  Money is very tight because one household has now become two then we are here to help you.
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Unlike the a Child Maintenance Service Application our Footprint service is fully confidential. The CMS will contact the other parent once you make an appliction even if you decide not to go ahead and use their service.
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Footprint can create your own written Private Agreement which can include shared care arrangements. You are both fully involved with its creation and it is supported by our free legal advice service.
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Child Maintenance Calculator
The Footprint calculator app is a real alternative to paying the CMS £20.00 fee to have a calculation carried out. It is simple to use and confidential. Unlike the CMS calculator it uses all income and works out what fees you would pay.  
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Footprint is a service that has at its heart the family it is trying to help. Our team are experienced in dealing with family separation. Read our clients' testimonials about what they think of Footprint and our service.
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