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We want to help you save £1000's in Child Maintenance Service Collection fees along with any other charge the Government will so introduce.

If you want to avoid the £20.00 CMS application fee and the new 20% and 4% CMS collection fees, you should create a private agreement by filling in the application below. If you only want to find out what your payment will be then use our DLS Law Calculator App. It is confidential and only costs £0.99p.

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If you only want to check your child maintenance,why not use our App instead

If you just want to check your calculation without paying the £20 application fee then use our app. The App is confidential and is the most advanced online child maintenance calculator available. Even the Child Maintenance Service use our formate. You can easily find out how much child maintenance is due every month by entering the annual income of the paying parent. It will show you the reduction for shared care as well as how much your Government charges will be.


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Under new Child Maintenance Service rules there are a number of other factors which will affect what you will pay or receive. We can give you advice on all of these payments and tell you how much your assessment will change to. Please tick the boxes below and we contact you.

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Please contact me at the time of day indicated below. Remember if you only want to check your child maintenance calculation you can use the footprint calculator App on the left.

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